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Model: K-30
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When does Taping work?
Indications include the following:
- acute distortions and strains
- chronic joint disorders (shoulder-arm syndrome, arthritis, arthrosis)
- tendon disorders (epicondylitis, achillodynia)
-spinal disorders
- functional organic disturbances (gastritis, digestion disorders,
gynecological problems such as dysmenorrhea and cystitis)
What are Tapes:
Tapes are varicolored, longitudinally elastic bands made of gaspermeable cotton. On
one side they have an adhesive material that
does not irritate the skin. They can thus be applied firmly to the skin.
The tapes are attached to the skin by various techniques and remain
there for 2-6 days. The therapist attaches the tape professionally, and
the patient can remove the tape himself.
Every natural and athletic movement is possible with tapes on the skin
and is even desirable, because the effectiveness increases during
movement. Showering and swimming are also possible if the tapes
have been applied correctly.
Slight skin irritations of sensitive skin happen very seldom and heal
quickly. Modern taping uses various colors so that the affected areas,
in addition, can be treated in a cooling manner (e.g. blue) or in an
activating manner (e.g. red)
Taping Application Instructions: The area choosen for taping must be clean and dry. The section where will be used for taping must be cut by measuring. To prevent disconnection of tapes from the sides, sides must be cut with scissor as rounded. Paper side should be teared by stretching and the first beginning area must be sticked. Attention should be paid to stick the tape while pasting it ,without touching the sticky area. After pasting, you can provide the best stickiness by moving fingers back and forth over the tape to the ebd points. Please consult your doctor for correct using of the tape



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