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Model: N-22
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
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All of the bandages are made from a special cloth laminated with 5 mm thick sponge.
The cloth can be attached to the velcro at any point on it. The cloth with sponge
which edges are lined with overlock is cut according to the shoulder, sacrum, knee,
wrist and neck anatomy and is combined by the 4 or 5 cm-long velcros sewed in the
ends. Pockets are sewed onto the corset and termojels are inserted into them.
1 size is available.
Number and Size of Neck Bandage: 1 piece 25 x 12 cm thermojel
Indication: Used for rheumatical complaints, physiotherapy, sports accidents, jyneco
logy and post-operation treatments, appllied hot or cold.



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