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Spalken en halsbanden Hip dislocatie

Lijst Rooster
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  The adjustment mechanization of the apparatus, is provided by velcros sewed on polyethile..
  In the models with boot, an open finger boot, which is assembled to the apparatus, with pu..
  The apparatus is made of aluminium as two separate rail pieces that one slides on another..
  The parts on the shoulder and waist are made of a tightly woven cloth and inner part of t..
  The parts on the shoulder and waist are made of a padded fabric on which velcros can be s..
K-4 ABDUCTION CORSET The edges of corset made from polyethilen, is lined with unvulcanized rubber..
  It is made by lining the inside of polyethilen with sponge and water-proof nylon. The cor..
  The corset, which is produced from water-proof cloth, is put steel and aluminium balens i..
K-7 ABDUCTION APPARATUS Made from 15 mm metal that is nicked plated at back and front. There are..
  X-28 ABDUCTION SHORT The corset is made of 12 mm thick English made plastizote in skin co..
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