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Loop Wandelstok & Hulpmiddelen

Lijst Rooster
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  It is produced by assembling the part with three legs and differs from G-7 by supporting ..
  The crook is made from metal tube, and has two different models, one is painted with chro..
  H-1 WOODEN CRUTCH The crutch is made of varnished hornbeam with length and handle placeme..
The chair made from metal tube is painted with electrostatic powder-paint. Since it has closet li..
It is easy to carry with its wheels. There is height adjustment on the four legs of the closet an..
  It is easy to use it like other mobile closets, and can be folded and does not occupy a b..
  It is designed to provide comfort and conveniance to old people and people who have diffi..
  In addition to the plastic mobile closet, it has an extra folding closet lid, that preven..
  The crutch is made from hard or eloxal aluminium pipe which is colored with white electro..
  The crutch is made from metal aluminium pipe is designed for the demands of the patients ..
  The neopren cover is designed in order to decrease the irritation and pain which the crut..
  The crutch with eloxal is made from hard aluminium pipe. Length and handle can be adjuste..
The tire is made from rubber with suitable sizes for the crutch, there is rondel in the crutch to p..
  The tire made is from pvc with suitable sizes for the crutch, there is rondel to prevent ..
  The aluminium crook is with a hard plastic of high quality handle and vacuum operated unv..
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